catching up

Yes. I know. it HAS been a while. like what? 3 months? probably :p a LOT of things happened along these few months.MAJOR change in life and growth altogether. i might do a separate post on each update but let’s recap the highlights of the past months in 2018. ok..*tarik nafas*.. Well..where do I begin? […]

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Scaredy cat

Hi, it’s Thursday and I feel like writing. Well, I don’t know what I am going to put here but screw it. I’ll write whatever passes my mind. Sorry not sorry :p It’s still winter and it’s super cold outside, at least for me. Honestly, one of the reason I chose Tokyo to further my […]

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Skincare: Night Routine

(all photos except the last one are from Google Images <3) Assalamualaikum 🙂 How was your second week of January? Mine was..fine, no new stuff. Just me doing the same routine which is basically commuting to my university on weekdays and staying at home during weekend. The dreaded task has arrived for all of us […]

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Trust me, I’m organized now

Hello reader(s), happy Monday! How’s your Monday going? Today is actually a public holiday in Japan called 成人の日(seijin no hi : Coming Of Age day). It is a day to congratulate and and encourage those who reached 20 years old this year. They can finally drink, gamble, drive legally and have bigger responsibilities. Basically they […]

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My long list of 2018 resolutions

Good morning! And Happy New Year 2018! Currently writing this while lying on my bed during a usual cold winter morning and really telling myself not to sleep in. After all, it’s Saturday right? I know I haven’t been able to update for quite a while now but let’s just hope this year I will […]

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Out of usual

Tuesday update, why not? Usually my Tuesday consist of me rushing early the morning to catch the train just to find myself packed in sea of people in suits and heels. Then fast-walked to my university where I do the usual: experiments and data analyzing. But today is not my usual Tuesday. I woke up […]

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Hey look, an update

Hello everyone It has been a while, one month, to be exact A lot of stuff is going on now. Mostly study related…yeah I’ve been busy just going to university on weekdays and doing part time job/work training during weekend so lately Sunday is my only relax day (soft crying) So I’ve wanted to buy […]

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Japan: BBQ + 紅葉見 at Okutama

It’s November! We’re one month+ away from 2018…time surely flies so fast,and it’s my favourite season…FALL/AUTUMN (秋 read:aki) Especially in Japan, the nature is just soo majestic and beautifully untouched the leaves, the air, the wind…i love all of it. The hue is just so lovely and uplifting 😍 winter is an etching, spring a […]

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Fefeeling sedih

Disclaimer: this post is going to be quite somber and sentimental because, hormones. Y’know Lately I am feeling super overwhelmed. Things have been going quite fast and not according to my plan. I was never a planner for one. And that’s the problem. I mean, obviously I have plans and such but there’s nothing particular […]

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Japan: Tsukiji Fish Market

“If you can dream it, you can do it” -Walt Disney Hi reader! ♥ I know it hasn’t been too long since I updated my blog but I’m just excited  to share what I did today. So I’ve been wanting to go to Tsukiji Market for a while, I think from last year but I haven’t […]

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