Assalamualaikum, yes I know. Jarang update. I just kept procrastinating and ended up not knowing what to write or how I should put my thoughts here without overreacting or complaining. It’s 9th September today, which means I haven’t updated my blog for almost two months. Wow. Didn’t know time passed that fast. I just returned home from a gathering or ‘makan-makan’ as we call it … Continue reading 9.9.18

I’ve got plan(ts) in my mind

Assalamualaikum and happy Tuesday! I’m forcing myself out of laziness and never-ending procrastination to do this post. I’ve been wanting to do an update since Sunday but I got “stuck” in time watching TV series…we’ve all been there, right? So updates on my life, work is still pretty hard for me. Especially on the communication part. Working in a foreign country that doesn’t use English … Continue reading I’ve got plan(ts) in my mind

Short Eid

Assalamualaikum readers and SELAMAT HARI RAYA! Eid Mubarak! 🙂 I know it is already the 2nd week of Eid but it’s not too late to wish right? Raya kan sebulan he he he. It’s Sunday and I’m just staying home today doing usual chores and such. Probably gonna cook and do prep for the week. Weekends just go by too fast when you’re working! So … Continue reading Short Eid

Scaredy cat

Hi, it’s Thursday and I feel like writing. Well, I don’t know what I am going to put here but screw it. I’ll write whatever passes my mind. Sorry not sorry :p It’s still winter and it’s super cold outside, at least for me. Honestly, one of the reason I chose Tokyo to further my studies is to escape the extreme coldness. But today’s weather … Continue reading Scaredy cat

Skincare: Night Routine

(all photos except the last one are from Google Images <3) Assalamualaikum 🙂 How was your second week of January? Mine was..fine, no new stuff. Just me doing the same routine which is basically commuting to my university on weekdays and staying at home during weekend. The dreaded task has arrived for all of us who are graduating this year (in Japan): FINAL YEAR THESIS … Continue reading Skincare: Night Routine

Trust me, I’m organized now

Hello reader(s), happy Monday! How’s your Monday going? Today is actually a public holiday in Japan called 成人の日(seijin no hi : Coming Of Age day). It is a day to congratulate and and encourage those who reached 20 years old this year. They can finally drink, gamble, drive legally and have bigger responsibilities. Basically they would just go out and have drinks with friends. I … Continue reading Trust me, I’m organized now

My long list of 2018 resolutions

Good morning! And Happy New Year 2018! Currently writing this while lying on my bed during a usual cold winter morning and really telling myself not to sleep in. After all, it’s Saturday right? I know I haven’t been able to update for quite a while now but let’s just hope this year I will be more rajin. (Please be, bib) Life update: during the … Continue reading My long list of 2018 resolutions