Assalamualaikum and hello there, you.

Yes, you over there. You vulnerable, careless, forgetful soul.

Don’t worry i’m just as lost. *high five kepada yg muhrim*

First, i humbly welcome you to my blog which i thought on creating since a few years ago but my last 3 years wasn’t that smooth (well JADians would understand), plus the internet was terrible, so now i finally made a blog where i can put anything i want without character limits yeayyyy!

Here are some reasons i made this blog

  • as a journal during my degree years
  • to improve my writing (my writing sucks a lot)
  • nak improve penulisan dalam bahasa melayu
  • i’m a picture hoarder, so i think it would be nice to put them up somewhere
  • nak biasakan tulis dalam bahasa melayu
  • a medium to share my thoughts
  • nak isi input bermanfaat
  • nak biasakan tulis dalam bahasa melayu


so here’s to amazing blog posts and endless rants on life and bad choices!

*angkat tin redbull*

thanks kepada yg sudi jenguk blog aku, make sure you come again ya? i love visitors.



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