Everyone has their own comfort zone. Their own little bubble of life which they have control of, most of the times. And dalam comfort zone tu jadilah kebiasaan beberapa benda and wujud limit in certain problem. And we keep focusing on that problem sebab that seems to be like the biggest and sometimes tkdehal sgt pun we join the party of exaggeration because everyone is doing so. Yes. Macam kata bawah tempurung. A happy prisoner? Most of the parts. But few years later you’ll realise that it’s just a trivial matter. Sometimes I get sad why God made some people disappear from my life, but the way I look at it now, He was teaching me a lesson. Aiceh mcm cliche ja. He popped my bubble of comfort zone because I couldn’t do it myself. This entry is a reminder for myself yg masalah tu sentiasa ada + some people are having worse issue. May Allah protect my loved ones.




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