Yes I know i’m 10 days late but happy new year! I’ve been wanting to update but laziness got into me aanddd nda boleh buat apa2 la kan


あけましておめでとうございます!!2016 has been a journey for me, personally. More like a roller coaster ride with no stopping, spinning all year around. It was my year of transition. Went to Japan and learnt how to be an adult (still learning though). It was tooo much but alhamdulillah I survived for now. It was one hell of a year that thought me millions lessons in such short time. 色々なことを勉強になった。Phew. So I started working part time and it’s better compared to my last part time. I hope everyone’s going to have a blast this year. My new year resolution? Rahsia la mana bole kasitau ihiks. Here are some picture i took (mostly food because yknow) before 2016 ends and earlier this month

til then, bye! 🙂


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