10 things I would tell my younger self

It might not seem like a good timing for a 22 year old me to be writing these kind of stuff but whatevs, it’s my blog anyways. I’ve been here in Japan for almost a year now and I came to realize so many things. And being here taught me a lot and I slowly began to actually know myself. Ceh macam self-discovery lah katakan. But mainly it was because of things that had happened molded us into what we are today. For me personally, realizing things is such a great bliss because it actually means you are conscious of your being. But I’m not quite there yet, this discovery never ends… lels

I picked my 12 years old self which was 10 years ago because in Malaysia that is sort of like the first transition year lah where you graduate elementary school and entered the anticipated dreamy high school life where there would be hot seniors, finally noticing your existence and you would finally have the time of your life. To some, it happened, but not for me. But I wouldn’t trade my memories for anything 🙂 Sooo here are 10 things that I would say to my 12-year-old self :’) K rasa nak gelak kahkah

1.You won’t get fat

You were always worrying about getting fat, like obese fat, but you’ll lose weight along the way. However, the fat cheeks are to stay forever

2. Appreciate your friends

Hands down, my friends during primary school are the realest. Teringat dulu comot gila tapi masing-masing terima diri seadanya, sobs. And I even remember some of their birthdays still! 

3. You’d end up taking engineering

Engineering never crossed your mind once but hey, life is full of surprises kan? Dulu pernah cita-cita nak jadi dentist or vet or fashion designer?? (akibat banyak tengok bratz and main barbie) Turns out I suck in drawing and tak kreatif langsung

4. Many people will come, but only a few stayed

You’ll meet many people, came across many faces, attitudes and everything in between. But only  few are true. Don’t lose them especially your best friends, make memories because before you know it everyone is already busy with their schedule and it’s impossible to have everyone available at the same time. And one more thing, to find friends that actually support you is the real deal. Treasure them

5. You’ll spend less and less time with your parents

There would come a time where being far from you parents becomes almost unbearable. Like when you reaaaaally need them and the closest you could get is through facetime. You’d be occupied with studies, so called life and you keep forgetting they’re growing old too. Tau2 diorang dah makin kurus and you notice those new wrinkles you haven’t seen before. Nangis

6. There’s no prince charming

Girl, tiada prince charming k. Stop dreaming. (again, thanks a lot barbie movies.sigh) You’d stumbled upon a few guys along the way but nope honey, they’re not the one. 

7. Keep dreaming

Yes. Keep dreaming. Because life sucks, and sometimes your most illogical dreams kept you going.


8.  You still read

After all these years you still love reading books. Good job girl *taps shoulder*

9. Your patience will be tested many times

Oh boy it will. And the same question will pop in your mind frequently. “Why me?” 

10. Allah listened, all along from day one.

This is the most essential part of the journey. He listened, always have, always will. Some things that you sought will show up in time. He was always there healing you, lifting you from dark times, failures, heartbreaks and every moment you thought as beyond repair. ALL the things you asked but never get, he replaced it with something even more beautiful. The war you thought you were fighting alone was only there to bring you closer to Him. You’d meet people that teaches you the meaning of life, and the purpose of living. These people, you see, are special because you’d begin to ponder about life and you’ll realize there is more to it than mere studies, friends and fun. Eventually, you will be alone, but not alone.


That was all for my list. I got a tad bit emotional in the middle but I’m glad so far I didn’t turn out to be something my parents would disagree with. My life is not perfect in every way but gurl sometimes ko kena redah je. Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal. May Allah grant us strength and perseverance in every turn along this road ❤

Thanks for reading until the end! xoxo






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