Ramadhan in Japan

Ramadhan in Japan…it’s obviously different from Malaysia. No bazaar, no family in one table… but I take it as an experience. As for me, this is my second year fasting in Japan and probably my last year so I want to write about it just in case I’m missing Japan one day which I’m sure I will! So here are some random different things during my Ramadhan in Japan

  • Weather

For last year and this year, Ramadhan month happened to be during summer which is very challenging *physically. Summer in Japan is different from the weather in Malaysia. It has higher humidity and could get up to 40 in some places! The first day of puasa, fajr was at 2:29 am (super early) and maghrib was 18:47. Plus, we move by train and subways (in Tokyo) so you actually have to walk to get everywhere. If you manja kid you should puasa

My body gets tired super easily so sometimes I drink soda during iftar because it seems “refreshing” and sugar=energy lol but the next day my throat will become soo dry which eventually leads to sore throat, cough and headache. I’ve been following this guide to drinking enough water for Ramadhan :


  • The people

Based on my observation with the students in my university, the Japanese are divided into two groups: those who know Islam and those who doesn’t know Islam. And by knowing Islam doesn’t mean they understand the whole concept,  all they know that Muslims pray 5 times, no touchy-touchy, and fast from sunrise to sunset. The latter group usually knows literally nothing and only hears about Islam in their news about terror attacks and such. So yup..you can imagine the image they are getting on Islam. And the most common question you could get here as a muslim with hijab is


“tak panas ke?”

 I remember when I was working part time, this aunty who was my co worker asked me (with a caring intonation k not marah)


“tak takut terrorism ke?”

And I was like *apa kaitan?????? But then the thing is, they don’t understand and just merely curious so I smiled and answered no makcik terror has nothing to do with hijab 🙂 Lepastu sambung sembang pasal anak dia pernah pegi KL lol

I told one of my labmates about me fasting and she was super shocked like I could see she cannot brain la people not eating anything from sunrise to sunset, even drinking water! Dia cakap kalau dia dh lama dah mati dah la sebulan (of course she’s exaggerating) But then she said


“eh but you look healthy (bertenaga)”

And I just smiled and explain briefly why Muslim fast during Ramadhan. Couldn’t explain further because we were doing 発表 (presentation) that day.

  • Food

Of course..food. Usually we just cook at home or occasionally go out. Just no bazaar, no murtabak,apam balik, taufu fa,kuey teow basah,ayam bakar,chicken wings madu,ikan bakar,abc,cendol,hati buya, nasi kerabu,nasi kuning….i could go on forever.

  • Terawih

For terawih I usually go to this small mosque nearby my house, it’s 2 min away yay! But the people aren’t that many,I don’t know the counts for men’s section but for women the most it could get is around 3 saf. I was thinking about going to bigger masjid like Tokyo Camii inshaAllah. Suka sebab boleh nampak women from different countries get together to pray. And favourite part mestilah when they bring their kids along, these kids from different countries talk to each other in fluent Japanese. Amazing.

That is all for this post, may our good deeds are accepted by Allah SWT inshaAllah. Keep striving!

p/s: this post is based on my own personal experience

Thank you for reading 🙂





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