Achievement unlocked : Mount Fuji

Assalamualaikum, hi there reader! In this post I want to share my experience, my first ever experience climbing a mountain. Yep, you read it right..naik gunung k. Mount Fuji. (3776m) If you know me you’d know that I don’t really do sports, let alone climbing a freakin mountain in a foreign land! Tak pernah imagine pun akan panjat Gunung Fuji ni even tengah study di Jepun, but then I thought, “screw it, I’m gonna stand there at the top”. Plus, my summer break wasn’t really filled with activities, why not kan?

There were 6 of us, all girls. Our journey started from Shinjuku, we took a bus from Shinjuku Station to the 5th Station of Mount Fuji. Summer is the perfect season to climb as the weather is still bearable for beginners and hiker fetus like myself. There are a few trails you can follow, we decided to go with Yoshida trail, proclaimed the easiest among the trails so we didn’t actually start from the bottom. There are total of 9 Stations (like pitstop) before the summit and we started from the 5th. (but still…) You can read more details on Mt Fuji climbing here.

Here are the list of things I brought with me during the climb:


that’s Mt Fuji behind us!


We started climbing at 4:30 pm sebab plan nak kejar sunrise from the top gitewIMG_3631IMG_3612


the view…subhanallah
complete set of squad


Upon arriving the 7th station it started to get cold, hence the mask and the snowcap, over kan but seriously it kept me cozy heheIMG_0074IMG_0082IMG_3713

8th Station

IMG_0053The climb was harder each station, starting from 7 if I’m not mistaken. Steep rocks and super strong wind constantly blowing at your body, I had to crawl at times because the wind really was crazy that night. Imagine turtle panjat bukit, ha like that. We stopped many times as it gets harder to breath as you get higher, also altitude sickness is no joke. I suggest bringing any sort of medicine and minyak angin or some sort. To be honest, I wanted to stop halfway. But then, how do I get down from there?? I can’t. I had to go up until the peak anyway. So we continued.. Then, in the darkest of night, I gave up AGAIN (yes I’m that unfit) and decided to just see the sunrise a little below the summit. BUT people were passing by in front of us and it was just a few minutes from the summit. The sun was already peeking at the horizon so I was like gurl you ain’t coming out before I reach the top!

us, at the Summit of Mount Fuji 🙂


Ok so there were many people just chilling and resting while waiting for the sunrise. I swear the view was so majestic subhanallah. Never felt so small! Standing above the clouds, you can actually see there’s a whole another world up there. It was beautiful. And breathtaking. SubhanallahIMG_3645CIMG3624

new day 🙂


We arrived just in time for sunrise. Then we had hot drinks and some rest before starting the descending journey. Now this is where the pain begins…(i is so lembik)CIMG3642CIMG3656CIMG3657CIMG3665

After many why-is-this-never-ending moments we reached down and waited for our bus back to Shinjuku. I kid you not, I couldn’t feel my toes, my calf macam omg omg why are you still walking. We slept like babies in the bus. And reached home that evening.

i look pregnant here


Sampai rumah ja terus off to snoozeland. We were all exhausted. It was a once in a lifetime adventure for me 🙂 I remember I’ve always hated early morning flights because I had to get up early and usually I couldn’t sleep the night before. But then the sunrise view you get to witness from up there…the word majestic doesn’t even come close to describe the beauty and the feeling that comes with it. Perhaps it’s the things you don’t see everyday. So grateful for this opportunity. Also, I had the best climbing squad everrrr (Madi, Dayah, Syafa, Leley, Iffah, Naja) lebiu hihihi

Thank you for reading 🙂



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