Japan: Kamakura and Enoshima

Hello reader! Sorry for the lack of updates, I was just occupied with other things. Research, part time job etc etc. I hope you are in good state of health, be it emotional or physical. I’ve been struggling quite a bit but InshaAllah I’ll get through it. May Allah ease our hearts and lift any burden that is weighing us down. Amin.

So last weekend my housemate (Jiha), our Japanese friend (Taro) and I went to Kamakura and Enoshima. We’ve been planning for so long to go somewhere together but the plan was kept being delayed haha because each of us had different schedule so it was quite hard to find a day which the three of us are available. Mula-mula we planned to go to Disneysea but then change of plans, we went to Kamakura because Taro lives there so so macam best la ada tour guide gittew

These are some of the pictures I took along the journey 🙂 Didn’t take that much photos because I took videos (i prefer videos because I can make a mini movie later yay) Basically Kamakura is a small coastal town in Kanagwa Prefecture and used to be the capital for military government once. Enoshima is an island off coast, connected by bridge with the mainland. There are shrines, park and observation tower in the island. You can also see Mount Fuji on clear day but that day the weather was a bit gloomy at the evening so kenot seee. It’s okay though, dah tengok dari dekat dah pun hee

Jiha and I started our journey in the morning, it took around 1h20min by train. Jauh ok! Hahaha


caramel pudding flavoured ice cream. yum!
Next stop, Great Buddha Temple!

IMG_4435IMG_4449IMG_4450IMG_4451IMG_4461IMG_4464IMG_4465IMG_4472Our lunch! Just a simple bowl of rice mixed with freshly smoked fish, cucumber and clear seaweed soup. Macam nasi kerabu sikit but the fish was soo fragrant ❤


After finished strolling around in Kamakura town we went to Enoshima island. You can either go there by foot/car/boat. We went by boat with the price 400¥ per rideIMG_4475IMG_4481IMG_4483IMG_4498IMG_4502IMG_4514IMG_4518IMG_4520IMG_4524IMG_4527IMG_4531IMG_4532

what am i doing…


spotted a cat!


There are two caves on the island and I didn’t take any photos because it was super dark! And we were given candles to bring along inside. IMG_4642IMG_4641IMG_4643IMG_4644IMG_4639IMG_4638

We didn’t go to the lighthouse because we were exhausted and wanted to find some souvenirs so we went back to Kamakura coastal area and bought some ikan bilis crackers and keychains for memories. ♥

It was a fun one-day trip! And I’m grateful to be able to discover and experience new places. And I won’t stop travelling until I’m old inshaAllah. Next destination? Wait for it 😉

Thanks for reading ❤


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