Japan: Tsukiji Fish Market

“If you can dream it, you can do it” -Walt Disney

Hi reader! ♥ I know it hasn’t been too long since I updated my blog but I’m just excited  to share what I did today. So I’ve been wanting to go to Tsukiji Market for a while, I think from last year but I haven’t got the chance to. Finally I went there today! Trust me, I LOVE food hunting. If you need a food hunting person, I’m THAT person. Well of course the guilt comes after but…can puasa kan hehehehe

In case you didn’t know, Tsukiji Market (築地市場, Tsukiji Shijō) is a large wholesale market for fish, fruits and vegetables in central Tokyo. It is the most famous of over ten wholesale markets that handle the distribution of food and flowers in Tokyo. Tsukiji Market is best known as one of the world’s largest fish markets, handling over 2,000 tons of marine products per day. (excerpt from this website) In short words, Tsukiji is seafood heaven, fresh off the boats, all ready to dive in back into your tummy. (yaas) And take your money away (nooo)

We arrived around 9:15am by train, it took around 40 mins from my place. Personally I think it would be better to go early because it started to get real crowded around 9:45 with tourists and locals. As soon as we arrived we lined up for fresh grilled oyster, what a day starter terus ngap tiram. Then we continued walking along the alleys and tried out many food. Banyak gila k makan but no regrets 😉 Here are some of the pics sis penat nak type korang rajin baca ke tak ni wakakaka


cheese on top, you can ask them to grill or broil for you


my favvv! griled eel ♥

The grilled unagi (eel) was soooo buttery and it melts in your mouth. 200¥ per stick, I started eating eel in Japan by the way, unagi sushi is laahveeee


fresh tuna head!

Interesting part: I ate sea urchin aka landak laut! I thought it would be chewy like squid but boy I was wrong. It actually has the texture like pudding but with sea taste, weird but it’s okay la not bad.

More pictures 🙂


raw oyster! i prefer cooked oyster………..


broiled clams! 

Tetiba teringat makan clams mentah…lulz. if you want to see that read this post


No wonder this is a tourist hot spot, the market provides super fresh and fast service. People just stand everywhere and walking while eating, something you actually rarely see in Japan. My budget was out because I just ate whatever that looks good and edible (muslim wise) It’s also a plus point if you bring any friend so you can share as some of the portion are quite a handful.


今日すごく楽しかった!Thank you for reading 🙂




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