Fefeeling sedih

Disclaimer: this post is going to be quite somber and sentimental

because, hormones. Y’know

Lately I am feeling super overwhelmed. Things have been going quite fast and not according to my plan.

I was never a planner for one.

And that’s the problem.

I mean, obviously I have plans and such but there’s nothing particular as what to eat everyday etc. I’m still constantly reminding myself to put trust and rely to God only.

The plans are going according to His plans right? So why should I worry?

Why overthink?

I don’t know the answer. Maybe, just maybe sometimes we just have to let go and truly understand that we are indeed powerless. Are we holding the dunya or is it otherwise?

Are you controlling your surrounding

Or is it controlling you?

Up until now, my decision were never planned meticulously.

“Follow your heart”, they say.

But really, how does one know his limits?

Do limitations change over time, or is it fixed and certain?

How far does one need to push himself?

I’m chasing sunrise, but which, I don’t know

Is it God-made sunrise, or man-made sunrise.

Maybe I should ask my plants.

IMG_4999 (1)
my current read 🙂


O Allah, guide us ♥


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