Japan: BBQ + 紅葉見 at Okutama

It’s November! We’re one month+ away from 2018…time surely flies so fast,and it’s my favourite season…FALL/AUTUMN (秋 read:aki) Especially in Japan, the nature is just soo majestic and beautifully untouched

the leaves, the air, the wind…i love all of it. The hue is just so lovely and uplifting 😍

winter is an etching,

spring a watercolor,

summer an oil painting

and autumn a mosaic of them all

-Stanley Horowitz

Last Sunday I went to have a BBQ short getaway together with my seniors and friends. We rented a car to a place called Okutama, “Tokyo Hidden Oasis”. The original plan was Nikko (another super pretty place) but then our schedules are different so tak jadi. Then we decided to go to Okutama.


Okutama is an area that revolves around a lake, the journey took 2.5 hrs by car. It kinda look like Kawaguchiko  but with no Mount Fuji and more foresty view, which are the Okutama Mountains. This was a much needed getaway for me because my research is getting busier! And it’ll just get busier from now on…Pray for Afi!

Also I have made a big decision for myself so I took this getaway as a means to just enjoy the nature and escape from the forever hectic Tokyo.

Seriously Tokyo, you need to chill.

We packed food, drinks, snacks. And rented a bbq set from the place for 1200¥. If you know me you’d know I’m all about eating something fresh of the grill; steamboat, yakiniku(grilled beef). Diet plan since 2015 memang kelaut. Jangan ditanya.

Had a fun time with ze gegurlssss, and of course did some photoshoot session hehehe


double chin peeking through
yep, covering it



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