Out of usual

Tuesday update, why not?

Usually my Tuesday consist of me rushing early the morning to catch the train just to find myself packed in sea of people in suits and heels. Then fast-walked to my university where I do the usual: experiments and data analyzing.

But today is not my usual Tuesday.

I woke up feeling super sore and my head was just throbbing. Probably the weather…well it’s not crazy cold…yet! So I thought ‘hey, why don’t I settle some stuff I’ve been postponing since last week?’ and went out to buy some stuff. Also, got myself a new planner! I went to Shibuya and Akihabara then back home quite early. These two are among my my personal favourite spots in Tokyo

Yes, I like crowded spots. Especially ones that are ‘alive’ and ‘happening’. Is that normal?

But I still miss the beaches in my hometown terribly

Took some pictures in the famous Shibuya Crossing, didn’t plan on taking pictures but I suddenly thought, why not? This might probably be the last time (for this year)

Why not, right? ❤





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