My long list of 2018 resolutions

Good morning! And Happy New Year 2018!

Currently writing this while lying on my bed during a usual cold winter morning and really telling myself not to sleep in. After all, it’s Saturday right? I know I haven’t been able to update for quite a while now but let’s just hope this year I will be more rajin. (Please be, bib)

Life update: during the end of December I went back to my hometown for about 10 days and had a beautiful kenduri for my baby niece whom I love so much! She is basically the cutest human on earth and we all love her 🙂 Went out with my family, met up some friends I haven’t seen in the longest time and had fun with my bestfriend. I was really sad when I had to leave on the last day, I even cried in the plane. Well actually I cried EVERYTIME I had to go back to Japan. My family isn’t a perfect family and that’s why I’m attached even more omg I’m such a baby.

Sad things aside, it was a good end/start for the year. I even watched the NYE fireworks from my brother’s place in KL so everything’s good.


BUT one day before I went back to Japan I had sore throat which then lead to fever. This fever continued 4 days after I arrived in Japan. What a start huh hahaha thanks to those milo tabur ayam penyet ice lemon tea goreng pisang. Wait just kidding, I NEED more!

I’m still having light flu currently but hoping it would go away fully before I start school.

2017 recap: well last year wasn’t quietly a hard year but it really pushed me at some points, seriously. I guess it was the “adulting” phase because I had to start making BIG decisions by myself. Be it my research, future life or even choosing new face serum! (that’s BIG decision jugak ok) I played less than 2016 and started to do repetitious things everyday (kenkyu lol) It was rather tiring.Oh come on bib every year is tiring also what??And I started to buy CLOTHES (wow so adult much grown up) I don’t really buy clothes or shoes that much and I tend to spend on bags and shawls hahaha but last year I tried to control my unnecessary nafs and buy the right stuff. (is it right??)

2018 resolution: For 2018 I don’t really have long list of resolution, only some small changes I’ve been wanting to do in my everyday life. Of course, all the common things are there. Lose weight..b positive etc but really I just need to..

  • Be minimal

I REALLY have to stop buying unnecessary things and sticking to what I like and ACTUALLY NEEDDD. I find myself buying makeups impulsively and NOT wearing them afterwards haha blame the packaging! But this has to stop. Self control bib.

  • fix my daily sleep

I’m a heavy sleeper. I truly am. Maybe because I sleep late at night and wake up late the next day so my body clock is messed up. I’m starting my job in a few months and I really have to train myself to keep up

hopefully we can do this. baby steps aite?

my baby niece, Aisyah :3

Thank for reading! ❤



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