Trust me, I’m organized now

Hello reader(s), happy Monday!

How’s your Monday going? Today is actually a public holiday in Japan called 成人の日(seijin no hi : Coming Of Age day). It is a day to congratulate and and encourage those who reached 20 years old this year. They can finally drink, gamble, drive legally and have bigger responsibilities. Basically they would just go out and have drinks with friends. I find it quite interesting, having a national holiday to celebrate 20 year old people. Um..thanks?

Today is rather a slow Monday for me. Just finished doing some small tasks and taking a break form big task like writing my final paper (heelllpppp)

I wanted to share about my planner for the year. I was never a planner person, let alone a bujo (bullet journal) person but I’ve been trying it since mid 2017 and I found it okay la like not bad. However I’m not a creative person so my bujo would just end up having my random writing or just pictures and stickers.

When I was choosing my planner I didn’t want anything too fancy, just a plain book with enough space for me to just write down anything;slightly smaller than A4 size I guess. After HOURS of wandering around the store I finally found this planner, it’s not perfect but I just love the colour and simplicity ahak over la macam pilih baju


Just a simple Rollbahn notebook but I like the simple design and it has that elastic band at the side. My favourite pen to use is from Muji ❤

The calendar part. The space is quite big compared to normal planner so. I have big handwriting so it’s convenient


Ok, so I was thinking about getting a dotted page planner but I couldn’t find one that has clean design or ring bind so squares are just fine


lol look at my attempt to do bujo, still a newbie though. Hopefully rajin la sampai hujung tahun mau update journal hahaha still adapting myself to what #content should I put. Well let’s just wait and see!

Or is it better to just be random?

Thanks for reading ❤


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