Skincare: Night Routine

(all photos except the last one are from Google Images <3)

Assalamualaikum 🙂

How was your second week of January? Mine was..fine, no new stuff. Just me doing the same routine which is basically commuting to my university on weekdays and staying at home during weekend.

The dreaded task has arrived for all of us who are graduating this year (in Japan):



Thinking about the things I should be doing INSTEAD OF BLOGGING…..


I’m actually having a really challenging time right now but I’m 100% sure I’m not alone and some of you out there are having worse problem but it’s a good thing to know that I am able to share my problems with other people and my friends really did gave me words of encouragements and also my parents of course. I miss them terribly! I’m writing this so that my future self would remember the struggles as a student and would think “hey, tough times DO pass”.  🙂

Let’s just hope we all can finish writing awesome ronbun in time and then graduate like a boss, yeah? (can’t wait!)

Back to the main topic, I was thinking of updating my blog but couldn’t think of any idea so why not write about my skincare routine kan? I’m going to do a simple nighttime routine post and just write my my SUPER short review on the products I’m using. Ok but aku bukan pro okay saja nak share hehe

Nota: my skin is oily combination and SENSITIVE 🙂

Makeup Remover

I tried double cleansing but it’s just so harsh and I don’t really wear heavy makeup on daily basis so I just use Biore facial wipe before washing my face.


Face Wash

For face wash I’m using the Make Prem Black Cleansing Wash. Although it says black, the liquid comes out greyish actually. I discovered this brand on Instagram and I’m attracted by the design and the simplicity. They claim to absorb deeply into the skin while cleansing, leaving skin not only free of makeup, oil, and debris, but also more radiant and calmed. Radish root ferment and glycerin help seal moisture into the skin, and the natural clarifying properties of Peat Water make this cleanser a healthy choice for even congested and sensitive skin types. (-GlowRecipe)


My review: It doesn’t remove my makeup completely and it’s quite drying. Tapi memang suitable for sensitive skin. Won’t repurchase


Some people don’t use toner but I love toner because it removes any excess makeup and cleans my pore. Also I notice my whiteheads coming out every time I skip my toner. I’m currently using this Himalaya Refreshing and Clarifying toner I bought back in Malaysia in December.


My review: I love the smell, so far so good. Refreshing and suitable for sensitive skin.

Magic Water

I don’t know what to call this. Essence? Pre serum? I don’t think I need to explain this famous Missha product anymore…


My review: This thing actually DOES THE JOB. Moisturizing, non sticky, sensitive skin freindly and nampakla effect glowing tew. Buy it, your skin will be happy.


This product right here is lowkey effective. The Ordinary makes no ordinary products. With the price range, memang berbaloi. I have two of them, Niacinamide (for when my skin is acting up) and Hyaluronic Acid (for dry skin during winter)


My review: Buy this. Price is very student-friendly and it WORKS. But the result doesn’t show the next morning okay. Consistency is the key ❤ (eleh padahal aku pun malas selalu skip ehehe) But pls beli


I’ve been using Kiehls Ultra Facial Oil Free Gel Cream for 8 months I guess (wow didn’t realize that!). Yes I know this is quite on the pricey side but I just can’t get a better moisturiser! (help) I just prefer gel-like texture over cream like texture. But worry not, a little really goes a long way. And a jar lasts for a few months depending on how you use it.


My review: This product CHANGED my skin. When I arrived in Japan, my skin was acting up due to seasons changing and the dry air during cold season and humid air during the summer. Whiteheads showing, acnes everywhere.. But this product works for every season and my skin is much better now.

Extra care

Snail Cream. We all have heard of it at some point, I kept seeing it everywhere so I thought I wanted to try one because my skin became really dry during autumn and really needed something to boost the skin moisture. So I got this CosRX Snail Essence because this is one of the cheapest among the high rated ones. The texture is so weird like it’s slimy! Well I guess because it IS slime kan.


My review: Works on sensitive skin. Soothes your skin at night and you’ll wake up having soft skin like you drank 6 glasses of water in your sleep because you only drank 2 during the day. (pls drink enough water bib!) Buy now.

Sheet Mask

Ok ni ikut mood, kalau rajin, pakai. Kalau malas yang krim siput tu pun dah ok. But there’s no harm pampering yourself kan 😉


My review: my skin is sensitive so it easily becomes red and itchy if the sheet mask isn’t suitable. So far some of the brands that are suitable for me areDr Jart, Nature Republic, Tony Moly. Skin Food usually makes my skin red and bumpy 😦

Lip Care

Last but not least, lip care. My lips are so ugly and chapped easily so I just slab a heavy amount of balm or oil before going to sleep. Any lipbalm will do. (no I don’t use that Laneige lip care thing)(although I wanted to)

These skincare steps really helped soothe my skin and makes my makeup looks more even and stays for hours. My skin is far from flawless but I’m grateful the cystic acne phase had passed…


That’s all for my nighttime skincare routine! Hope you enjoyed reading them ❤


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