Scaredy cat

Hi, it’s Thursday and I feel like writing. Well, I don’t know what I am going to put here but screw it. I’ll write whatever passes my mind. Sorry not sorry :p

It’s still winter and it’s super cold outside, at least for me. Honestly, one of the reason I chose Tokyo to further my studies is to escape the extreme coldness. But today’s weather is no joke. The wind legit makes you feel like you’re walking in a freezer. Can’t imagine my friends in Hokkaido and Niigata hehehe. Currently still struggling with my final thesis. Actually taking a break right now and in need to rant or read something. I’ve read some of my favourite blogs just now and it amazes me of how they manage to express their true opinions. How many of us can do that? Pouring our heart out for the world to read. It’s like opening yourself to strangers of showing your way of thinking. Me? I don’t open up to people easily. Like you’d think you know me but you don’t. Haha


Living in Japan, the people here are quite reserved and way less expressive then the Westerners. So being alone with your thoughts is normal, if you’re an introvert, this is your haven. But not for me, I prefer talking to people if there’s anything. Usually I just talk to my housemate and close friends. Alhamdulillah. Can’t imagine what I’d do if I live alone nanti. Probably just call and disturb my bae 24/7 because he’s a great listener (is u really) Honestly, I just want to be done with student life but at the same time I’m scared of the future. It’s like this big ass avalanche rock with ADULTHOOD and RESPONSIBILITY on it rolling at me and I’m just here trying to look the other way pretending to ignore it. I’m starting again, the same feeling when I enter new school or new place. The excited-but-nervous feeling but now it’s just screw-this-anxiety-im-screwed-anyway feeling. Like, whatever happens, God has planned that. All I gotta do is just work hard and do my best with what I have. InshaAllah. It’s a process bib, you’ll get through it. Oh there I go, positive thought wow what an achievement! New year resolution doing well there :p I can’t wait to go back next month and see my family. They mean the world to me. Grateful for the chance to see their faces again ❤ I wish you have a nice day and please, be nice to everyone ❤ we have enough ignorant stupid asses in the social media world already.

Thanks for reading! xoxo


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