As a human, it is perfectly normal to feel inadequate. Especially when you’re in a competitive surrounding. All you can see is this illusion of ‘perfection’ and ‘goals’. And you suddenly wonder, “why can’t I live like that?” “why can’t I have that?” “he/she has it. I have to get one too” Yes. Competition. […]

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Sakura Hunting

Assalamualaikum *cari semangat* I’ve been planning to write this post since last week lagi sbenarnya but procrastination got into me aaand bam, it really has been a week. Sooo maafkan sis sebab lama x update (perasan ada loyal reader lol) Alhamdulillah. It’s Spring season in Japan right now and the weather is sooooo beautiful. And […]

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London Three

Aaand this is the last part where I’ll be putting snippets of photos/selfies I randomly took. Banyak lagi tempat aku pegi such as Southend On Sea, Oxford Street, Covent Garden, Westminster and a few more tapi macam tak ambil gambar banyak sangat. London trip was…a lot of things. One thing about travelling beside the experience […]

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London Two

Hi, this is part 2. A bunch of pictures at Stamford Bridge and Portobello Market. I’m not a big fan of football but it was exciting to go there and baru tau wow football is this huge in the UK. Portobello market was amazingggggg, we took a bus ride to Notting Hill area. Here they […]

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Hello everyone! I’ll be posting some pictures from Hyde Park. Hyde Park is just….beautiful. My favourite spot. Can feed the birds, swans, ducks. Tapi banyak anjing lari-lari so agak teruji iman di situ sebab fluffy gila rasa nak peluk?? Nah gambar Hyde Park   To be continued…

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Pertama tama sekali, Alhamdulillah 期末試験(final exam) untuk semester kedua tahun ke-3 dah habis. The papers were not easy but I would say I’ve put my efforts and I’m leaving it to Allah.  Now I’m waiting for the result of which 研究室(research lab) I would enter, it’s quite scary because we don’t necessarily get to enter […]

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Yes I know i’m 10 days late but happy new year! I’ve been wanting to update but laziness got into me aanddd nda boleh buat apa2 la kan あけましておめでとうございます!!2016 has been a journey for me, personally. More like a roller coaster ride with no stopping, spinning all year around. It was my year of transition. […]

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Been busy with my group project and catching up Parks & Rec (mostly) but here I am updating! A lot of things happened and everyday is an adventure here, not that kind of adventure you wanna do twice lah okay but I survived however. It’s already autumn here and everything is just BEAUTIFUL, the weather, […]

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Everyone has their own comfort zone. Their own little bubble of life which they have control of, most of the times. And dalam comfort zone tu jadilah kebiasaan beberapa benda and wujud limit in certain problem. And we keep focusing on that problem sebab that seems to be like the biggest and sometimes tkdehal sgt […]

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