Autumn Activity 1.0

Happy Tuesday readers πŸ™‚ It's still weekday, I'm just laying in my bed writing while listening to some old songs playing in the background. Prepared my hijab and shirt for work tomorrow. Had sambal sotong with brown rice for dinner p/s: only having brown rice because I ran out of white rice. As an Asian, [...]


Overdue Seoul post

Assalamualaikum πŸ™‚ It's Monday and to be honest, I'm still recovering from my Monday blues. Having Monday blues is the worst thing. But I have trained myself to take it slow and just be present in the moment by telling myself the mantra "this will pass" "this will pass" while waiting the clock to hit [...]

Japan: BBQ + 紅葉見 at Okutama

Japan: BBQ + 紅葉見 at Okutama

It’s November! We’re one month+ away from 2018...time surely flies so fast,and it’s my favourite season...FALL/AUTUMN (秋 read:aki) Especially in Japan, the nature is just soo majestic and beautifully untouched the leaves, the air, the wind...i love all of it. The hue is just so lovely and uplifting 😍 winter is an etching, spring a [...]