Saturday Memo

Saturday Memo

The day is Saturday. I am standing on the platform, waiting in line for the next train. Hands are comfortably tucked in my coat pockets, I could still feel the fairly cold air from outside. Thankfully my ride is subway, there's no need to wait in open space and having no option but to grit [...]


Autumn Activity 1.0

Happy Tuesday readers 🙂 It's still weekday, I'm just laying in my bed writing while listening to some old songs playing in the background. Prepared my hijab and shirt for work tomorrow. Had sambal sotong with brown rice for dinner p/s: only having brown rice because I ran out of white rice. As an Asian, [...]

Breath out

Assalamualaikum! I'm currently writing this in my bed while getting all cozy and ready for my adventure in dreamland . It's Monday today and things were a tad bit rough at work so I thought of a writing just to vent (girl gotta vent, right?) At work today I was having a communication problem which [...]

My pace

Assalamualaikum 🙂 I'm currently writing this post in my bed while listening to chill music and my freshly applied olive sheet mask. It's Friday and my last day working in September. Time just flew so fast! 6 months went by since I started working and alhamdulillah I'm still sane as ever despite countless emotional breakdowns. [...]

Sunday rant

Assalamualaikum everyone 🙂 How are you all doing? I hope you're healthy, happy and striving. Today is Sunday and I don't have any particular plans so I'm just chilling at home, just going to cook some food and make some work preparation for this week; ironing some clothes ja pun padahal duhh. Well I've been [...]


Assalamualaikum, yes I know. Jarang update. I just kept procrastinating and ended up not knowing what to write or how I should put my thoughts here without overreacting or complaining. It's 9th September today, which means I haven't updated my blog for almost two months. Wow. Didn't know time passed that fast. I just returned [...]

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th

20:08, on a train en route to Osaka It's Friday! Which means the long awaited weekend is finally here! Writing this on a train ride because I feel like sharing something today and thinking better share sekarang nanti malas lama2 nda post hihi Went straight from work so it's a pretty tiring day but I'm [...]